First of all, congratulations on making it to the home stretch: COMLEX Level 3 and licensure!

The COMLEX Level 3 is extremely similar to COMLEX Level 2-CE, which benefits the test-taker. The exams do have some notable differences.

Like the COMLEX Level 2-CE, questions on the COMLEX Level 3 will likely include a clinical scenario. Within the Dimension II category of the NBOME, the Management category has the largest portion of questions for the COMLEX Level 3. This is followed by Diagnostic Technologies, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, and History and Physical. These are also the top four tested in Level 2-CE, with a slightly different focus. You will therefore have the benefit of already preparing for these questions. Scientific Understanding of Mechanisms and Healthcare Delivery make up the least amount of questions per category. There will therefore be overlap between the two examinations (and, as a result, our question bank) but with more focus on management.


This is your final exam required for licensure as an osteopathic physician and surgeon. Thorough preparation is very important, and will determine your access to opportunities such as moonlighting and obtaining a DEA # as an R2.

It’s important to use the limited time you have during internship to study effectively. Through focused, high-yield questions and detailed explanations, you will know what to expect on test day.

COMQUEST’s question database is updated frequently and always reflects the most current testing criteria.


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This helps you hit peak performance on test day by allowing you to assess your progress and reinforce your weak areas in advance.


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  [I wish I had] known about this site for steps 1 and 2. With the help of COMQUEST, I blew step 3 out of the water.

Mike V. D. O.

 COMQUEST did a great job of simulating the COMLEX exam… down to the look and format of the questions. I would highly recommend it as a study tool to help prepare with the limited time that interns have available.

M. S.

  The questions available at COMQUEST prepared me for the COMLEX level 3. I finished most of the questions on the COMQUEST site, and then crushed the actual exam.

MR D. O.