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  • Try a free COMLEX or COMAT practice exam

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365 Days of Customer support

We realize that your schedules aren’t exactly predictable. We’re here 7 days a week, 365 days per year to serve you with outstanding customer support.

High Quality, High Yield

You’re busy. We won’t waste your time teaching minutia that is unlikely to show up on test day. You’ll learn important material through high quality questions and detailed explanations.


Know whether or not to go with your first instinct on test day by seeing the frequency of changing your right answers to wrong, and vice versa.


Managing your time is as important as knowing the material on test day. You’ll see how much time you’re spending and how it compares to your peers who have done the same questions.


Get a breakdown of how you’re doing overall, in each category, and each task compared to your peers using COMQUEST. Beat this national average to have a better chance at doing above average on test day.

Charted Tracking

Get various charts and visuals to track your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can hone in on subjects that you’re weak in.

Resettable Score

Want to start over? You’ll be able to reset your score with one click and do all of the questions again for as long as your subscription is active.

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Take notes while you’re taking a practice test and save them so that you may review them before test day.
The platform is fully mobile and tablet responsive so that you can study for any device with WiFi or mobile coverage.

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