Meet the Team

  • Aaron Project Manager

    Aaron handles the day-to-day task of keeping our content production engine running smoothly. Overseeing the development of new practice questions for the company's ever-growing Qbanks is a challenging... more.

  • Marie Contributing Physician Author and Editor

    Marie’s medical career has taken a meandering and varied route, ranging from basic science research to clinical research to physician educator. The only real constant has been a love of learning new... more.

  • Heather Contributing Physician Author

    Heather graduated from the University of Virginia. After earning her Economics degree, she worked on a small business project for an incredible doctor in Cape Town, South Africa, which planted the see... more.

  • Vivian Contributing Physician Author

    Vivian grew up in Macao and moved to Minnesota by herself at the age of 18 years old to become a food scientist. That’s where she fell in love with medical research while undertaking a research proj... more.

  • Lane Contributing Physician Author

    Lane is an osteopathic physician who enjoys playing with his American bulldog puppy, practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, and annoying his neighbors with his guitar, which he plays poorly. Lane is board ce... more.

  • Christen Contributing Physician Author

    Christen grew up in the midwest and jumped at the chance to move to California for medical school at the University of Southern California. Once she and her husband experienced the endless sunshine, t... more.

  • Shan Contributing Physician Author and Editor

    Although he has found himself in a variety of trades over the years - freelance writing, selling computers, teaching chess, dealing guitars, doing various types of biomedical research, and eventually ... more.

  • Jennifer Contributing Physician Author

    Jennifer, her husband, two teenage stepsons, two dogs, three cats, and two fish call El Paso home, but the first two take every opportunity to travel and seek out adventure. Soon, she hopes to retire ... more.

  • Katie Subscriber Support Manager

    If you ever wonder who it is that's answering your email questions about your account, we hope you get the feeling that it's a real person who cares about making your COMQUEST experience as smooth and... more.

  • Katherine Subscriber Support

    Katherine was a registered nurse for several years prior to attending medical school - working in the fields of emergency, transport, and flight nursing. She joined COMQUEST because she wanted to help... more.

  • Joel Director of Osteopathic Exams

    Joel completed his urological surgery residency at St John Providence Health in Detroit. He served as the program’s Chief Resident 2012-2015. He was selected into the highly competitive Endourology... more.

  • Paul Lead Developer

    Paul has 10+ years of web and systems engineering experience. A solutions-focused professional who is in charge of our web-applications and IT-infrastructure. Apart from programming he loves sailing, ... more.

  • Jeff Director of Content

    Jeff has always had a passion for medicine and education. When asked during medical school interviews what he’d do if he weren’t accepted, his answer always included teaching. After graduating med... more.

And Many, Many More...