Are you ready to rock destroy pass your COMLEX and COMAT exams?

Most osteopathic medical students and residents say ‘not completely’. That’s OK! The COMLEX and COMAT are intense and very unique exams. To score as high as possible on test day, you need to use targeted practice questions to master the concepts you’ll be tested on - and the sooner you start, the better.


COMQUEST ensures that you pass your exams with higher scores, less preparation time, and less anxiety, while providing amazing support along the way. We want to see our subscribers match at top residency programs.

Originally started in 2008, COMQUEST has grown to a team of dozens of academic physicians and administrative staff who genuinely care about students’ success on the COMLEX and COMAT. The difference is that we filter out minutia that is unlikely to be tested. Instead, our focus is on teaching you what’s really important for your exam so that your score is as high as possible. You will get outstanding customer support 365 days a year should you ever need us.

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